Leonie Swann: Three Bags Full

  • Original German title: Glennkill: Ein Schafskrimi, 2005

George Glenn´s flock of sheep has a wonderful life. Their shepherd loves them, has  named them, he breeds them for their wool, not to be slaughtered. He even reads to them.  But one day, this peaceful existence comes to and end when the sheep find George dead on their pasture, a shovel stuck in his breast.

Even for sheep, it is obvious that he did not die of natural causes. And so, the flock decides to find out what happens. Fortunately, George has read them half a whodunnit once and they know how to go about. Sir Richfield, the lead ram, has the best eyesight, Maude has the best sense of smell. Mopple the Whale has not only the largest appetite but also the best memory. Othello knows humans. And it´s up to Miss Maple, the most intelligent sheep in Glennkill, to piece everything together and work out who the human wolf in sheep´s clothing is.

The sheep quickly find out that a lot of humans are not quite what they seem. Everyone in the small community of Glennkill has secrets – including George. The picturesque village hides the knowledge of a murder in the past which turns out to be a key to the murder in the present (though not quite in the way the mystery-savvy reader expects).

This novel is thoroughly enjoyable – a gripping mystery that keeps you turning the pages, written with a keen sense of humour, as well as knowledge about sheep and their behavior.  By the end of the book, you´ll find yourself sorry to leave the flock.


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